about us

experience tasty sushi in the palm of your hand

Introducing a new way to sushi! Temakira is a concept inspired by Brazilian creativity and Japanese tradition.

Introducing the first of its kind, a “temakeria” or hand roll shop, in Orange County. Found all over Brazil, it is a new and casual way to enjoy sushi – hand roll style. It is a concept that combines the tradition and ingenuity of Japan with the creativity of Brazil. Sushi (originally introduced as a fast food in Japan) is our inspiration, and just as the Brazilians have done, we are infusing our own style, providing unique and original flavors and concoctions. At the same time, we embrace the classic flavors that have made sushi so popular in America and bring to mind the tradition and heritage of this food we celebrate.

Enjoy freshly made hand rolls right in our restaurant or take them to go, as a lunch or light snack or for dinner.

“temaki” (手巻)

Is the Japanese word for ‘hand roll’. Our freshly made temakis are wrapped with a tasty piece of nori, or seaweed, in a cone style that holds its contents within. The roll is large enough to hold by hand (hence the name) and is as easy to make as it is fun to eat.

“kira” (希来)

Is a Japanese name that means ‘coming of hope.’

Together, Temakira is both the name of our restaurant and a representation of our vision to introduce a new way of sushi in a fun and contemporary concept.